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Is it possible to be approved for a child support modification due to the other additional monthly costs I am paying?

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My ex-wife is the custodial parent. I pay child support for our two children each month. The custody arrangement states that I have the children every other weekend and one night during the week. In reality, I have the children every weekend and at least 2 nights during the week. In addition, I also pay for all of their medical expenses/health insurance, their before/after school care, field trips, school lunches, and for their extra curricular activities. I also am the one who does all the running. I pick up and drop off whenever I have the children although the custody papers state this should be alternating. I am not looking to pay no child support just a more fair amount based on the time I spend with my kids in comparison to my ex-wife.

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  1. A modification in child support will require you to show a substantial and continuous change in circumstances. You do a lot for your children but if you have always done all that, there is technically no change since the last order. The best way to approach this is to retain a seasoned lawyer to present your motion in he best possible light. You should also consider seeking a modification of parenting time. Good luck.

  2. your having more time with the children may be a reason to get your support reduced. go see roza gosssage in belleville. she is a good lawyer,

  3. It is possible that a modification would be appropriate. You will need to consult with a local attorney that handles child support matters and post-decree issues. You need to bring the judgment with you. Some of the things you listed might be listed in the judgement and it should state who pays. The additional time you have the kids may be a reason for an adjustment. It seems you have them more than 1/2 the time.

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