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Is it possible for something to be a nuisance when you live with roommates, but not a nuisance when you live alone??

San Francisco, CA |

This is difficult for me to explain, so please bear with me. If you have roommates, and at least one of them complains about you, and claims you're being a nuisance, but what they are alleging wouldn't be considered a nuisance if you were living alone because it's not disturbing other tenants in the building, would that be considered a nuisance? Mainly, is it possible for an allegation to be considered a nuisance when you live with roommates, but that exact same allegation to not be considered a nuisance if you lived alone?

Why are lawyers from Illinois answering this? I'm in California. (No disrespect). Aren't the laws different?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The law says a nuisance is what a reasonable person would believe it to be, not just the opinion of one roommate.

  2. Anything can be construed a nuisance. However you do not say howcfar along this issue has gotten. Is your roommate threatening legal action. Is there a lease? You might consider discussing this with more details and a local counsel.

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