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Is it possible for me to drop charges against someone, even though the case is under the states control?

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I have a link to the story of what he is being charged with. The state is pressing charges on him as well, and they need my story to help win the case. Yes this man hurt me, yes our son watched, and yes he hurt police officers. But heres the thing... my court dates have been pushed and pushed and pushed back. I cannot move forward in my life with all this drama of not knowing when a court date is. Its effecting my life more than what the man did to me. I want out. I dont care any more if he gets punnished. I just want to be able to move forward in my life and I cannot do that with all the drama from both sides of the family and my availablity being cut off. So.. can i drop my charges without getting into any trouble myself, and if so, how do I go about it

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As you recognized in your question, the state is pressing the charges. The state is also the one who would have to drop the charges. They can move forward without your consent, but most prosecutors listen carefully to the wishes of the victims, and virtually always take the victim's wishes as a major consideration when deciding what to do.

You can, and should, talk to the prosecutor about your concerns. But don't expect him to drop the charges; your question implies that there are other victims who may not feel the same way you do.

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It depends on the policy of the county prosecutor regarding prosecuting domestic violence cases. Some, like in Livingston County, will proceed with prosecution regardless of what the victim wishes. They reason that they are protecting the victim, who may be succuming to pressure from the perpetrator. Such prosecutor are not above using a subpoena to make you testify. You need to contact the victim rights coordinator, or the assistant prosecutor assigned to your case, and tell them how you want to proceed and why.

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I have contacted them many times and left voice mails. No call backs. I have no one responding. I feel stuck.


I agree with my fellow attorneys. You may want to contact the prosecutor and tell them that you want the charges dropped but it will be up to the prosecutor if they do.

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