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Is it possible for a person to have unclaimed funds in multiple states?

New York, NY |

I was told from a family member that I have unclaimed funds in different states.

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  1. Yes. New York has an Office of Unclaimed Funds. Its website allows you to generate the required paperwork. Each state has its own office and process. Check their websites, complete their respective forms, and provide the requested information. Most likely, you dealt with an institution in the foreign state, and for one reason or another they couldn't find you.

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  2. Sure. If you have had accounts in different states, you could have unclaimed funds in different states.

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  3. It is possible but I suppose it depends on what addresses you have used on various accounts. Most states have an on-line web site to search. Ask your family member to send you links.

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  4. Be wary of companies that charge finders fees and processing fees or ask that you pay them taxes in advance. There are a lot of scams involving unclaimed funds.

    As the others have said, each state treasurer/comptroller has a website to search and process your own claim directly. It's usually not that complicated.

  5. You may want to check out the website for the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA):

  6. Yes it is very possible. Consumers deal with institutions that are in various states or the consumer has moved states. Most states have websites to search for unclaimed funds. Those sites will give some details including the amount of money in question and who is holding the money. It could be a bank, a refund from a utility company, or funds from a business. The forms can be printed out from the government website and sent in to claim the money. The forms are relatively simple for people to fill out.