Is it okay to list an under the table job on a resume?

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If someone has been working a side job for an individual (so it's not for a company or anything like that), and they were getting paid under the table, would it be okay for that person to list that job on their resume? Could the worker get in any sort of trouble if they did list a job like that on their resume? Assume the worker didn't make that much money (maybe a couple thousand) while working that side job for a year or so, if that makes any difference.

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  1. Michael Robert Kirschbaum

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    Answered . As long as you are not committing a fraud upon someone, it should make no difference whether you list a job where you did not report your wages. But if you list that job, be aware that there is a good chance a prospective employer will contact the employer you have listed as part of a background check. Hopefully, that employer will confirm you worked there. They may not admit you were an employee because if they were paying you under the table, that means they were cheating the government out of the required payroll taxes they should have taken out and they may not want to admit they broke the law.

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  2. Donald Gray Drewry


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    Answered . You can certainly list all jobs you have had whether they are side jobs or full-time jobs. You should tell the employer that you listed them and to be prepared for a call for the purpose of showing your qualifications. You do not have to tell them on the application how you were paid, but that it was just part-time when you could. As long as you actually did the work, and that shows your ability to do the work, you can list it. Just don't list anything about how much money you made which they don't usually ask. As far as the under the table, as long as you report that on your taxes, you are fine.

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