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Is it OK to talk to DA if your not getting anywhere with your public defender ?

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There was a raid at my husbands friends house he is now facing firearm charges with 4 others . One of the individuals keeps telling their attorney that the firearm belongs to them . their public defender keeps saying there trying to put it on one of the others and my job is to get you off basically just shining it off oh well let the person who it's being stuck on deal with it which is my husband . He keeps telling his P . defender that he won't take the deal there trying to give him because the firearm does not belong to him . So it's like both sides just wants him to take the deal so they can move to the next case . Is it OK to talk to the DA and let them now what's going on ?

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The DA doesn't usually agree to talk to defendants. If you're unhappy with the PD, you may wish to hire a private attorney, but I definitely wouldn't go to the DA. Keep in mind who the DA is and what their role in the process really is.


the district attorney cannot like any other lawyer cannot talk to represented parties.


No. First of all, the DA will shouldn't talk with you if you are represented by a lawyer. The Public Defender is your lawyer. So unless you go Pro Per they will not talk with you. Lest you be tempted to go Pro Per, that is an awful idea. You will need to know the substantive and proceedural laws. Plus there are tatics and strategies that lawyers use that, effective as they are, are iften counter intuituve. The DA is not your friend. They are prosecuting you. Talk to your lawyer. Express your frustrations calmly. Co defendant cases can be frustrating for everyone involved.


Only in pro per defendants may talk to the DA directly. That means if you were representing yourself.
Talking to the DA wouldn't help you anyway, since most of what you are intending to say would most likely hurt that help your case.


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee gods.


NO, NO and NO. The DA won't talk to you anyway. A defense attorneys job is protect the interest of their client. That why each defendant has a separate attorney - to look after their individual interests. A defense attorney can't help a co-Defendant - that's not his job and would get him disbarred. Your husband's attorney is the one to fight for him. Let him do his job because if you get involved, you'll only make things worse.

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