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Is it ok to cancel my individual health insurance while it's in an appeal?

San Francisco, CA |

I've had my ind. health ins for over 10 yrs.. I got very ill and had to go on SSDI. My condition impaired my cognition and had no idea I had Medicare and Medi-Cal until recently. Bummed to learn that I've been giving my SSDI $ to my health ins. because I thought I needed it but did not. Blue Cross is wanting money back from me for overpayment to my visits to one of my doctor's because they learned I have Medicare and BC wants them to pay first, but he does not deal with Medicare. I'm looking for someone to help me appeal this matter, in the meantime I want to cancel my health insurance as I'm paying so much for it (practically giving them my whole SSDI check!) I'm unsure if it's the right thing to do as I will be appealing the money they want back from me. Any help is appreciated :)

Does it make a difference if I stay with Blue Cross or not if I'm going to appeal them for past visits while I still paid for the premium? I would like to cancel before my next payment is due. I'm afraid for some reason to do it before/while I appeal the matter :(

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This is not really a question that an Avvo answerer can give a complete answer to. Of course, I cannot speak for my fellow lawyers in the community. I would really review the profiles of the Avvo attorneys in your area and call a lawyer about all of the facts of your case for a comprehensive answer.

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