Is it ok for parol agent to say it ok for offender to return to sight than the day the board releases inmate agent denies sight?

my fiancee was violated and on violation papers he said its ok for offender to return to hostess sight today he went in front of the board and was cleared to come home now the agent has denied the sight......This agent has given problems in the past and is being unfair!!!!!! Is there anything i can do???is this even ok for him to deny after he said it was ok???

Peru, IL -

Attorney Answers (2)

Melissa I. Smejkal

Melissa I. Smejkal

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

What is a hostess sight? Parole agent has the authority to make these decisions.

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - Mokena, IL

You asked what you can do but this is your fiance's issue and he should be handling it. The probation officer has the authority to decide where your fiance can go. What is a hostess sight?

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