Is it obligatory to file a Child Support Guideline Worksheet in an uncontested divorce with minor children in Florida?

Husband and wife are filing an uncontested divorce - they are filing together and both will be present at hearing. They have 2 minor children; child support is not an issue since father agrees to pay child support and it has been entered in the divorce filing. Is it necessary or obligatory for them to file a Child Support Guideline Worksheet? Is it also necessary or obligatory to file a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Affidavit? Thank you for your advice.

West Palm Beach, FL -

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Bruce Scott Rosenwater

Bruce Scott Rosenwater

Family Law Attorney - West Palm Beach, FL

yes. the court wants to sure that child support is being paid in accordance with child support guidelines. It is also necessary to file UCCJEA, as most judges will not grant divorce without proper paperwork being filed.

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