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Is it normal to get a letter from an attorney who is representing a city like Edgewood in a civil traffic infraction?

Orlando, FL |

I thought there were no prosecutors and there was only the judge in Fl.infraction cases but I got a private firm giving me a notice of intent to appear against me in a red light traffic ticket case which is really weird because nobody I know who has gotten one had anything but the hearing officer or judge. If the state is going to have counsel why would it not be an ASA/ DA but rather a privately hired attorney? Who the heck is paying for this when presumably tax dollars have already paid for prosecutors

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Good questions! Several local towns have retained counsel for these cases, winter park being one, for example.

Normally, the officer acts as the prosecutor in infraction cases, but the towns can use an attorney, if they want to. They are paid from our taxes. In Orlando, they have a city prosecutor. Most smaller cities don't, so they hire law firms, as needed

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Great Question. I will only add to Mr. Scott's excellent answer by suggesting to you that the City makes money off these tickets and knows that experienced lawyer are getting these cases tossed so they are hiring private lawyers to prosecute the red light cases and to establish custody of the documents needed to get a finding of guilty. Good luck!

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I agree with both answers below. I recently represented an individual on a red light ticket that involved a local County Attorney's Office. I too was surprised, but in my opinion the bottom line is a hearing officer is likely to allow the presentation of evidence from a city/county attorney which could dramatically impact your ability to contest the infraction. Insufficient or lack of evidence can be a defense and attorney's rather than officers are more knowledgeable on rules and procedure.

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