Is it normal for the U.S. Supreme Court to ask for 40 copies of your appeal booklet?

Asked 6 months ago - Bakersfield, CA

I have been trying to dismiss a misdemeanor that never should have happened. I used to work for the Calif. Dept. of Corrections as an Officer. I wrote a report that exposed corruption and the Lieutenant from the Labor Relations office interfered with the court by defaming my character to the District Attorney's office and then the presiding judge decided to add charges without my presence. My ex-wife falsely called 911 and acting like she was crying and the Police report was falsely written because everything I told the Sgt. was never reported and the Sgt. allowed an officer that I never spoke to about the incident to write the report. I have been trying to appeal this case for 15 years and was recently ask to provide 40 copies of my appeal books. Is this normal?

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    Answered . The United States Supreme Court requires forty copies of a petition for writ of certiorari and also of the briefs if certiorari is granted. It is right there in the court rules and you have no business going to the Supreme Court without reading the rules. If you are attempting to proceed in forma pauperis you are allowed to submit an original and ten copies of your petition, each with a copy of the motion for leave to proceed in forma pauper attached to the front. If you don't pay attention to the rules your papers will wind up in the trash. It is all very well to try to handle a case pro se, but you have to know what you are doing and that starts with learning the rules of the court in which you want to proceed. Fifteen years of failure should have taught you that.

  2. Answered . Well, I've never heard of a court of appeal requiring so many copies of anything and I'm not sure what "appeal books" are either. I think you might be a troll?

    Dabney Finch handles appeals in all appellate courts throughout California, except criminal, bankruptcy,... more
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    Answered . I have briefed matters to the US Supreme Court and it is common for the briefs of appellant and appellee to be provided in 40 quantity and to be professionally printed in book format.

  4. Answered . Interesting story. Everyone from the court recorder, the DA, police peers, supervisors, ex wife and Labor Relations Board 'Lieutenant' lied about a misdemeanor that has now gone all the way to the USSC??

    Never heard of an appeal book in US courts.

    Attached is a link to the USSC where all its rules are laid out


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