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Is it likely fr someone to gt bond for rape with force , w/ a violent criminal history and he was just released on stalking chrg

Chester, VA |

i have three year restraining order for myself and my family from this man he was released a month ago from charges of stalking me with intent to harm, and he has a viloent criminal history already, now he has raped some young girl an hour away from me hes in jail..but im wondering what the odds are that they will just let him out agian..

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Very slim odds. However, you need to call the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in your jurisdiction and make sure that you are registered in the "Vine Link's" system for notification if he is released. They will tell you whether or not he gets out. Also, you should tell the Commonwealth Attorney about the new charges so they can share information. If the one jurisdiction releases him your Commonwealth Attorney might be willing to make a motion to revoke the bond in your case. It is worth a try. Restraining orders don't stop a bullet or a knife - they only work if you have enough time to call the police. Most office's have a great Victim Witness program.

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thank you so much. and exsactly as you said is what has been done.. i made calls and was told that i will be informed of any release or any changes. and the CA here where i live told me that if he is charged with this chrage that there will be a motion to revoke the bond and agreements we had. thank you so much for the advice. its nice to know that as a victim i have rights to be informed of certain things and that the commonwealth attorneys of both the areas have agreed also about my concerns.

Crystina Marie O'Brien

Crystina Marie O'Brien


I wish you the best. It is a scary situation.


Suggest that you telephone the prosecuting attorneys even if the charges are in the same office [your post is not clear as to whether or not that is the situation] as interoffice communication is not always great.
Release on bail including OR depends on information to the A and the court.
You might want to consut with your own attorney [criiminal] re your rights as a victim.

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Highly unlikely he will be allowed bond; if he somehow got one, it would be enormous.

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