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Is it legal to take pictures of others car tags and post them on line

Saint Marys, GA |

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Wow this is a pretty open question. In what sense are you referring? Is someone alleging that the person driving a car with this tag number is a blankedy blank blank? And is it true? Oftentimes, we are guided by laws of privacy. If someone takes pictures of cars on a public roadway and a tag just happens to be in the picture is that alone illegal? I would venture to say no. Now, if that same person takes a picture of a person's tag and posts it on the Internet for some sort of personal gain or if the person who owns the tag feels as though their right to privacy has been violated, then that person might have a claim. Notice how certain shows blurr out tag information. That is mostly because the show is referring to a specific person or a specific crime and showing the tag could lead another to assume the person who owns the car with the tag is the one who the show is referring to OR they may be doing a story on say Jon and Kate plus 8 and blurr out their car tags. This is because they don't want to advertise their vehicle make, model, license plate number, etc. to those watching who might try and get personal information on celebrities. The person covering that family has a responsibility to protect them as best they can. It's hard to tell exactly what your issue is. I hope this helps!

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