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Is it legal to spank your child with a belt in Illinois?

Freeport, IL |

I was told that it is illegal to spank with a belt. That Illinois law says that you can only hit a child with an open hand on the butt or back of the thigh, if anything I thought that you can only spank a child on the butt. I was looking around and do not see anything stating it is illegal. I was told years ago that I can spank with a belt as long as there are no cuts, welts bruises. I would like to know and how to get this info in writing.

I am asking for LAW not opinions. I have raised children for 17 years and the oldest is in college with a job at 17. None of my kids have records or gone into a school and shot other kids. Kids today are not raised with respect to others let alone themselves because parents do not feel they can raise THEIR kids. I guarantee we were all raised with spankings and turned out ok.

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  1. What lawyer or child development specialist told you that beating a child with a belt is a proper method of child rearing? You need to do some homework on better ways to discipline your child. Asking a bunch of attorneys online if beating a child with a belt is legal is getting you nowhere but could result in a police report or a report to DCFS for child abuse. If you do not know how to raise a child, do some homework.

  2. You need counseling. It is never OK to hit a child period. A belt should not be used. A hand should not be used. Consider parenting classes or you could lose your child and/or go to jail. If you cannot handle your child then consider turning your child over to a relative who can. As a lawyer it is not my job to instruct you on how to harm your child. Consider the permanent mental abuse you are causing. It pains me to read this. Do the right thing here. Children are defenseless.

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  3. Is it legal for your employer to spank you with a belt? Think about it.

  4. I will answer your question from a purely legal perspective since that is what you are asking: There is no "law" in Illinois that defines what is, or what is not, legal when it comes to the discipline of children. I can tell you that there are criminal laws against Domestic Battery and specific felony offenses called Aggravated Domestic Battery, Aggravated Battery of a Child, and Aggravated Battery in general. If you strike your child with a belt, and the child or another person reports you, you are at significant risk of being arrested and charged with one or more of these and other crimes. You would not be eligible for court supervision for even the misdemeanor Domestic Battery and any of the felonies I have referred to involving a child will require you to be registered as a Violent Offender Against Children in the same way sex offenders must register. Additionally, a Juvenile Court Petition could be filed against you alleging abuse under the Juvenile Court Act, where your parental rights, including the custody of your child, will be at stake. The people who make the decisions on whether, and what, you will be charged with, care nothing about your thoughts on child-rearing and I can assure the judges do no either. So from a purely legal perspective, do not, ever, strike your child with a belt or anything else.

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