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Is it legal to sign a two year year lease agreement in Florida?

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I signed a two year lease agreement but after moving in I realize there was alot of work that needed to be done. For example, I had to get the house sprayed for flees due, the house needed a deep cleaning, and I had to repair a wooden gate. I spend close to 3500.00 to get the house in order before moving in. This house seem to be costing more money per month for keeping it to a standard I am used to. I have decided to relocated to another rental and I want to break my current lease. The landlord is requesting that I pay 2 month rent and forfeit my security deposit in order to break my lease. My issue is there was nothing documented in the lease agreement on breaking the lease early. I guess my bigger question, does the landlord have the right to request additional money from me.

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Yes it is legal to sign a two year lease in Florida. Any lease for more than two years must be in writing. If you want to leave before the end of the term of the lease, the landlord has the right to make you pay the full amount that is owed under the lease (if the landlord is unable to find another tenant). Your landlord is offering to let you out of you lease obligations for less than the full amount that you owe. While you do not have to accept the landlord's offer, it would be a good idea to negotiate a settlement with the landlord rather than having the landlord sue you for failing to live up to your obligations under the lease.

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I agree. If you want out, negotiate with the LL. The offer sounds within the realm of a decent one. Perhaps some offset re: your $3,500.00 spent is reasonable too and you are on to a much better life and NO litigation!


In Florida a lease that is for a term greater than one year must be in writing and bear the signatures of two witnesses. If the lease does not have two witnesses you may actually have a month-to-month lease that can be terminated with fifteen days notice. If the lease has the witnesses, then you should read through the lease to determine if there is a termination provision that allows you to leave. If there is no such provision, contact your landlord and negotiate the termination. Maybe paying the landlord an early termination fee will be better than staying in the house. Be sure to put any agreement in writing signed by the landlord and yourself.

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what is the statue on that law so i can look it up?



My wife has a home that the tenant 8 months ago had their broker do a residential lease to rent the house. We have had extenuating circumstances and she needs to move back in the house with her 4 kids and I offered to help the renters move out and now they are being nasty, technically we looked at the lease and its written for 2 years by their broker signed by homeowner and renters thats it, does this make it a month to month rental? and is the lease illegal? and can we evict them immediately?

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