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Is it legal to kill stray or your cats?

Fall River, MA |

I'm not planning on doing it, but here is my question here, that someone asked. It seems yahoo wouldn't really be the place to ask. I was hoping you could provide a better answer, from a law professional.

Here are a few links I have on it, but I'm wondering what it is in the United States, if I can look it up by state perhaps, if the law varies. In General, and not just this question, if I can look up law questions without having to go through volumes of books.

Would it matter is the cat wasn't yours but was a stray? Basically both cases

Well, I'd like it if a lawyer would read my links before they blurt out their answer. Yes, you may be law professionals, but you don't know every law and some may be what you don't expect. Apparently, the three I got answers from didn't even bother. I didn't mention hunting cats, but here's another link, YOU CAN hunt cats in Minnesota. And Wisconsin is considering making it legal. Think before you speak. Hmm, actually must be like that law movie with Robert Duvall, when he trains lawyers to immediately yell "objection" then think up your objection.And, no these sites are not joke sites. They are being serious. I hope this gets replies after I add this, the answered I added didn't.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. No it's not legal to kill stray cats. That's what animal control personnel do as a last resort. Why don't you take up hunting something closer to your size?

  2. No, it is not legal to kill stray cats. If you killed your own cat you could well be charged with animal cruelty.