Is it legal to fire and harass an employee for requesting FMLA?

Requested FMLA, the employer started harassing and stating the employee cannot attend work. Then the employee was fired, and one of the stated reasons was apparent communication related to FMLA request.

New York, NY -

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Vincent Peter White

Vincent Peter White

Employment / Labor Attorney - Jackson Heights, NY

No, that is not legal. You should contact an experienced employment attorney for a free consultation immediately. It will cost you only your time and will allow you to learn about your potential claim and discuss your options.

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Josh Michael Friedman

Josh Michael Friedman

Employment / Labor Attorney - Chicago, IL

As I am not licensed in your jurisdiction, this answer is strictly for informational purposes only. However, under federal law, The FMLA prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee for requesting FMLA leave, which includes retaliation. The FMLA also prohibits an employer from interfering with an employee's right to take FMLA leave. Accordingly, your question suggests a possible violation of the FMLA. I therefore recommend you consult with an experienced employment attorney in your jurisdiction.

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