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Is it legal in the state of Mississippi for a doctor to admit a patient unwillingly to swing bed unit?

Pascagoula, MS |

My grandmother is 89 years old and was taken to Forrest General Hospital yesterday with symptoms of her Congestive Heart Failure disease. The doctors told her the only way they believe she will make a semi - full recover ( she is 89) is if she goes to a swing - bed unit. She refused to do so, because she believes that my aunt, my grandmother's second daughter, who lives right next to my grandmother will take whatever she wants out of my grandmother's home. She also thinks the swing bed unit is the psych ward because that is where her sisters went six years ago when they were diagnosed with Alzheimers. One doctor led my aunts to believe she could be unwillingly admitted while another told my mother no.

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This does not appear to be a violation of the applicable standard of care.

If the hospital believes it best to assign grandmother to a swing unit for her best chance of recovery, that seems to be sound advice. What happened with aunt six years ago is really irrelevant.

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