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Is it legal for utility co's to turn off service w/o first notifying the consumer?

Plainfield, CT |

we bought a home in 8/12 & were never sent a water bill. I never gave the bill a thought(we always had well) & furthermore didn't know how you were billed(how often). yesterday we awoke to no water. After tracking down the"water co" thru town hall they said yes they turned it off for non-payment. When I told them I never received a bill they checked they're records & said yes all the bills were returned to them, they had our name,address but the wrong zip, but we were never notified. they said we owed 450.00 including a turn off fee of 40.00 & a turn on fee of 40.00. I did not have the funds in our account til today & asked if they would take a post dated check or debit info. & w/draw the funds the following day. they refused. I am currently out of wk for an injury I need to clean daily,et

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It's legal, since they aren't under any obligation to provide their water to you for free, and you should have given this "free" service that youb were apparently using every day without paying for it a thought.

But this is the kind of attitude that monopolistic utilities have, since they know you have no choice about who to patronize. If I were you I'd go to their offices in person (so they can see your injury for themselves) and work this out, and maybe they'll agree to waive the turnoff/on fees, or at aleast defer them til next month, since their sue of the wrong zip code was their fault.

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