Is it legal for single mom to buy a 1 bedroom condo or apt, or any other purchase, and as owner, live there with my 2 daughters?

I know that if i rented we would have to have a 2 bedroom per renters' rules but. I want o buy a 1 bedrm (oldest daughter will be gone in 2 yrs. so it is investment for me to have own home). Just want to know if it's legal for me to share a one bdrom, owned by me, with my 2 daughters if I purchase a property in Colorado. Thank you. I live in Co Spgs.

Colorado Springs, CO -

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Steven Navaro

Steven Navaro

Real Estate Attorney - Castle Rock, CO

Generally speaking, this should not be an issue, since your daughters are obviously family. However, the Condominium rules may govern how many unrelated guests can occupy a condominium, so when you purchase, you should read through the covenants (rules) of the community you are buying in. Make sure you use a Realtor, who is required to make sure that you are provided with all of the appropriate documents before you purchase. They do not charge a buyer generally for their services, and it is well worth it. Good luck!

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Robert John Murillo

Robert John Murillo

Business Attorney - Boulder, CO

Contact the CO Springs housing office or whatever agency that would have such a rule and see if that applies for owner-occupied homes.

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When you buy a condo, you own your individual unit, and all unit owners share joint ownership of the common areas, which are controlled by management.

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