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Is it legal for police officers to break down your door without a search warrant?

Austin, TX |
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just had three cops break into my husband fell outside our apartment, cut himself and then came through the door. I first thought he'd been attacked or something, so I hit 911 but hung up right after I hit the last 1 when he told me he'd fallen... He goes to the bathroom, I go to the bedroom in the back and put on my headphones to continue to listen to music...I hear this loud bang and three officers with tasers pointed at me come in. The officer who broke my door said it was justified because he'd noticed two dime sized drops of blood on the stairs....the stairs are about 5 feet from our door....we were pretty much quiet inside...I could understand if they had heard screaming or shouting...something alarming...but even our two small children were asleep, we were that quiet.

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There are circumstances where police may enter a dwelling without a warrant. A situation where they believe physical harm may be occurring is one such scenario. See a local attorney to discuss if the details of your situation (which were not posted) change whether police were justified in your particular situation.

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