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Is it legal for an insurance company to try increase my premium or kick me out just because i did not have insurance myself

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I recently bought an auto insurance online because I was going to start using my mom's car for college, I had never been on my moms insurance because it was not necessary to be on it b/c i never drove that vehicle, I was legally license since the age of 16 though. My mom gave me the car for college, so i insured it w/ nationwide by myself, meaning i am the only one on the policy. Now after being with Nationwide for about 3 months they recently decided to e-mail me that they were not satisfied with the declaration pages b/c my name was name in them. now, most likely what they're wanting to do is increase my premium or kick me out. Is that okay even though they never mentioned anything when i first purchased the insurance.

I got insurance for the vehicle that i am driving, nationwide is the insurer. when i bought the insurance from nationwide they asked me to provide all type of info like who were the former insurers of the vehicle they were insuring, i provided the declaration pages. After a few months of being with nationwide they notified about their dissatisfactions with the declaration pages due to the fact that on the former insurances i was not listed. Nationwide is now debating on doing either kicking me out or increasing my premium, and when i say that its b/c i have already talked to nationwide.

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The easiest thing to do here is to get them what they want. Can you provide a more clear record for them regarding the declaration pages? I would not communicate with Nationwide over the phone. Get everything from them and send everything to them in writing. Even be careful with email as sometimes we have a tendency to shoot an email off too fast-with incorrect information or improper tone.

They can cancel you whenever they want. They can also raise your premiums. They have not really harmed you if they do either. They have just irritated you. I would not get too worked up over this one. If you can work it out with them-great. If you are not able to work it out, find another insurer.

Lastly, perhaps complaining formally may assist (it may bring no result, too) You could call the division of insurance in your state (Texas) and ask them about it. Ask them to whom to address a letter and send them a letter outlining your issue.

I understand that what they are doing seems to be picking on you. However, you may gain nothing by fighting this fight.

Best of luck to you.

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Thank you for the helpful information. Most likely with what you've told me I will have to check with the Texas insurance deptarment, because I have provided everything they have asked for. Their only issue is that on the former declaration pages my name isnt in them for the reasons I stated; and I just feel the insurance company is not being fair.


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