Is it legal for a landlord to alter or add to an already signed lease?

When i initially signed my lease, my landlord left the monthly amount blank as well as security deposit blank because she was waiving 2 months of rent in exchange for my cleanup of the former tenants mess on the property. Later, she had me sign another lease, with rent at $900 per month and a security deposit of 900. Both myself and my husband signed the initial lease that was blank, and she only had me sign the second leasse. She later filed a UD complaint against us for non payment of rent, even though we raised issues of habitability. (no running water, holes in walls and floor, mice infestation, etc.) the lease she included with her complaint was the initial lease, only she filled in the blanks without our knowledge. Is this legal for her to do?

Los Angeles, CA -

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Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

Thew landlord cannot unilaterally modify the lease you signed. Talk to a local lawyer.

Bennet J. Pakdaman

Bennet J. Pakdaman

Real Estate Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Anything your landlord adds after you both sign and agree is not legally binding. Its an invalid addition.

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Eva G Tuxbury

Eva G Tuxbury

General Practice Lawyer - Auburn, WA

You will want a copy of the original lease you signed that was blank when you defend against the judgment. I highly recommend hiring an attorney for this problem. Depending on local law, you might be able to recover the attorney fees and costs if you prevail.

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