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Is it legal for a college to refuse to give you your transcript if you owe that school money?

Ramsey, NJ |
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About two years ago I went to eastwick college in ramsey, new jersey and I couldn't make time to keep going to school with the new job I got and I moved to new york and I didn't have a car so I decided to stop going. I've recently decided to go back but to sanford brown in new york, new york and they are requesting my transcript and eastwick college refuses to give it to me unless I pay the balance I owe them. Is this legal?

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Potentially Yes. They have no obligation to give you an "official transcript" which will be required by your new school. You should be able to obtain an unofficial transcript, but it probably won't be accepted by your new school for purposes of obtaining credit. If you can't pay the balance, you may want to look into filing bankruptcy. When you file, the school may no longer withhold the official transcript. However, there is a case in NJ, In re Billingsley, which held that if you have a non-dischargeable student loan, then you were not entitled to the transcript. There is debate as to how and when this case applies. I would recommend you find a consumer law or bankruptcy attorney in your area to help you with this tricky situation.

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