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Is it legal for 18 year old gay male to date a 15 year old in IA

Iowa City, IA |
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I'm an 18 year old homosexual male in Iowa is it illegal for me to date someone that is 15?

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When you say "date," I am assuming that you are concerned about sexual contact with the other party. Your sexual orientiatoin does not change any of the applicable laws. While I am not an attorney in Iowa, I did look at its statutes regarding sex crimes. The following appears to apply to your case: The age of consent is 16. People aged 15 can have sex with people who are LESS THAN 4 years older without it being a crime against the other party. So it appears that oit would not be acrime for you to have sexual conatct with a 15 year old. My advice would be to wait until that person reaches the age of 16, when they can fully consent. That way you can be sure that you will not get dragged into criminal or civil court wrongfully. The other issue you may face is how you can be sure of their stated age. It is no defense to these crimes that you honesty believed the person to be of age. So be careful and prudent to avoid any legal problems.

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