Is it lagal for someone to run a credit check on me, look up my vehicle info, or the owners of my house info?

my girlfriends dad called and told her that he was gonna do a back ground check on me. then later on he called her giving her info on what cars i had in my name, info on a repoed car and foreclosed house i had and where the owners of the house i rent lives at. i didnt give him permission to do any credit checks or background checks. what can i do about this? also he used his job at a mortgage company to optain this info.

Darlington, SC -

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Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Background checks from _public_ records are perfectly legal, if you've got access to databases for that. I do it all the time. The key here is that the information is _public_, and your legal history, for example, can be obtained by anyone with such access, or by a visit to your local courthouse.

Nothing you've described is a "credit check."

This isn't an IP question so I'm re-classifying it.

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