Is it illegal to record a teacher in class w/o permission in the state of GA. How do I get proof of a teacher picking on my son

Advised higher administrative. Had a meeting with teacher. Nothing was done. The problem with teacher has elevated. My son is discouraged to learn in her class.

Loganville, GA -

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Golnar Sargeant

Golnar Sargeant

Litigation Lawyer - Irvine, CA

Hire an educational rights attorney--that is the best way to proceed. As for the recording, you'll have to find out if Georgia is a one party consent or two party consent state. In two party consent states like California, it is illegal to audio record anyone without their consent, and doing so, carries with it criminal as well as civil penalties. In one party consent states, as long as the person doing the recording is a party to the conversation, then it's usually okay. However, they could still be in violation of school rules.

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