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Is it illegal to possess an uninstalled stock which, if installed, would constitute an assault weapon according to NY law?

Yonkers, NY |

The stock has a pistol grip, folding butt stock, and rails to mount whatever you might want (ie: bayonet, handle). I sold one on ebay, and a guy in NY bought it and said it would be illegal for him to install it. Can I ship it to him with criminal liability?

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You should go to a gun shop in New York state or call them and send a photo and description. They are quite familiar with what is legal to possess and sell. A lawyer will not necessarily have the definitive answer to this technical question.


The law has just become tighter for assault weapons in New York State. One of the things that has become tighter is buying assault weapons over the internet. You need to discuss this with a NY gun dealer to see if the weapon you are talking about is legal to buy over the internet to begin with.

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