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Is it illegal to pay for a body rub in florida

Jacksonville, FL |

I want to know what is legal and what isnt regarding body rubs or massages.

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Most of the come-ons are for women selling services such as “body rubs” and “girl friend experiences,” which police say are thinly-veiled references to paid sex



Is it legal in Georgia though to just honestly charge for a body rub? Can you be arrested for that? Would excepting money for a body rub get you into trouble?



You can honestly charge for a body rub. Popular to contrary belief, body rubs are completely 100% legal, I have been a body rub specialist for a year and a half. The thing is you can't cross a line, and that is sexual or sensual services period. And no you don't need a liscense to do body rubs. Read my blog on this issue at, or check out


Massages and rub-downs are common therapies. You just don't want to cross the line into sexual conduct for money. It takes two to tango; so don't let things get out of control, if propositioned. You might get stung.


Prostitution is illegal just about everywhere except a few counties in Nevada. If you are worried about the legality decline the extra services offered or better yet, get the rub down from a licensed massage therapist instead of the Tokyo Spa or wherever.

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