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Is it illegal that my landlord didnt tell us that the previous tenants were running a meth lab out of the house we now rent.

Edmond, OK |

neighbors told us this about a week ago and now the owners want to raise rent. if it is illegal for them to not tell us that we moved into a meth lab i want to keep my same rent.

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Why would the life or circumstances of a prior tenant have any relevance to you? What if they a multiple homicide occurred on the property? The President lived there? The landlord has duties to make disclosures concerning the physical property and the habitability of the home. Unless this alleged prior meth operation somehow effected your house, it is no business of yours. You wanted, and ultimately did, rent this property knowing the property's condition prior to lease. New knowledge of the prior tenants doesn't change anything.

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A landlord can seek a higher rent at the end of a lease term. The tenant can agree to the new amount on a new lease, or elect to seek other accommodations.

Unless the prior use of the property has somehow created a health issue, somewhat unlikely as you were living there without complaint, you do not appear to have a right to the same lease rate. Also, it is worth considering the LL might have done some extensive work before again leasing the property after the prior occupants left or were removed.

However, a lease rate is something a landlord might consider negotiating with you on, if he or she is approached respectfully and not in a how dare you not tell us mode. Especially if it is not a large increase, the LL might be amenable to renew at the same rate to keep you as tenants. If you were good, trouble free tenants, and you remaining might say marketing costs, it may be worthwhile to broach the subject.

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