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Is it illegal for parent to use childs social security number to get credit?

Fredericksburg, VA |

my son's father used his social security number to apply for a store credit card. Is he allowed to do that?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. There is usually a block on the applications wherein one states under penalty of perjury that the credit application information is correct. It likely is not.

    Is the child a minor? If so, he or she cannot enter contracts.

    These circumstances suggest that maybe father's credit is bad so he is going to use the child's, which will be equally bad in short order.

  2. 1) Yes, in the circumstances you described in your post and comment.

    2) No, not in the circumstances you described in your post and comment.

    Mr. Miller has provided you with sound advice, please heed his words.

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  3. I agree with Mr. Miller's answer. I think the parent is committing a fraud on the system by using a social security number that is not his.

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