Is it illegal for a payday loan from another state to lend money to me in NY?

I live in NY and took a payday loan from another state. Now they are giving me problems and want to sue me. They calling me from an office and claiming to be a paralegal attorney speaking wuth me saying that the loan company hired him to sue me

Bronx, NY -

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Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Debt Collection Attorney - Bellmore, NY

Was this done in person. Over the mail. Over the interent? Did they know where you lived when they gave you the loan? Did you sign any documents indicating that you were from a state other than New York? Sorry for the questions, but it does matter.

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Elizabeth Shollenberger Esq.

Elizabeth Shollenberger Esq.

Debt Settlement Attorney - Pleasantville, NY

You need to consult an attorney to protect your rights. Payday loans are generally structured to charge outrageous rates of interest, and while the lenders try very hard to stay within the usury laws, but they may well fail. You should keep all copies of anything you receive in writing from these debt collector attorneys and review it with a consumer advocate. Good luck.

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