Is it illegal for a family member to dispense medication to other family members in their food or drink without their knowledge?

Asked over 1 year ago - Saint Paul, MN

Someone outside a family gives a member in a family (ie, Jane) medication without a prescription and instructs her to dispense the medication to others in her family by putting it in their food and/or drink without their knowledge on a daily basis. Jane is paid or given an incentive to do this and is told that it is "fun" to do, fun to watch their reaction (physical or behavioral) to the medication and is not against the law. What are the ramifications if the medication is aspirin, a narcotic such as Risperdal or Jane has no idea what drug she is giving her family? What if the drug side effects include: insomnia or drowsiness, temporary loss of vision/hearing/breathing, heart palpitation, slurring of speech, memory loss.

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  1. Drake Daigoro Metzger

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    Answered . Jane's actions potentially have very serious criminal and civil ramifications. Based on the facts presented, Jane needs to stop whatever she is doing immediately.

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  2. Matthew Thomas Majeski


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    Answered . Yes, this is potentially criminal behavior with serious consequences. Jane would be well advised to stop immediately.

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  3. Malosack Berjis

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    Answered . Jane better stop what she is doing or find herself a criminal defense attorney.

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