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Is it illegal for a Dr (Veterinarian) to endorse the diagnosis of another Dr (in writing) based on review of latter Dr's records

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HOA Board wants a letter from Vet confirming my elderly dogs condition. I have the records re Diagnosis of severe progressive degenerative disc disease.. but board members want a letter- they say thy won't be able to understand records (They got confused when idiot Community Manager gave them records for wrong dog someone ELSE gave her...It gets complicated..) so BOD said "Just get Dr to write letter confirming special condition". Prob is vet that did extensive tests no longer practicing in CA. Vet Hosp has records but say another doc can't write letter- only the diagnosing doctor can. Said ANOTHER vet must do SAME tests again to diagnose permanent condition so THAT Dr can write letter to confirm HIS records. This means $thousands again for what is established! Is that the law or policy?

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    The Vet Hosp. is not correct, from a legal standpoint. They can have any vet exam your dog, review the file and confirm the diagnosis. That process is done all the time in persons and animals. Your other option is to provide the vet records to the HOA and tell them to hire their own vet to review the records. Finally, you may consider consulting with a lawyer familiar with how HOA agreements work and the rights and duties of a board and of residents. The HOA may not be in compliance with the rules of the organization.

  2. This is not a malpractice question. Short answer is that experts are generally allowed to rely on hearsay and review what others have written in records. No, it is not illegal.

  3. No this is not illegal.

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  4. It sounds like the board is being difficult, but now law appears to be broken.

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