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Is it illegal for a 18 year old male to date a 15 year old female in the state of Texas?

Victoria, TX |

Well there's this girl and we go to school together.We met each other in a class we had together.From there we clicked.We fell for each other and wanted to be together.At first her mom said No because i was 17.So we waited till the next school year.Now she is 15 and I'm 18.Her mom says yes we can date but her Dad says no.This upsets us really bad but I dont want to dispespect the parents.

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There's nothing illegal about 'dating.' If you are planning on engaging in sexual intimacy, you need to be sure to read your state's statutory rape/sexual assault statutes. Texas Penal Code Chapter 22 can be found here:

As far as disrespecting her parents goes, it wouldn't really matter if the relationship were legal or not. If they don't want her daughter dating you, and you are aware of that but pursue the relationship anyway, regardless of what the statutes say, you are disrespecting her parents' wishes.

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Brook D Wood

Brook D Wood


Typo - 'their daughter' not 'her daughter'


Since she is younger than 17, then dating her is risky, as if you engage in sexual activity it is a criminal offense. In Texas it is an affirmative defense to prosecution, however, if you are within 3 years of her age. That three-year period is counted day-for-day, and I am aware of prosecutions in Collin County where a kid was charged when the difference amounted to only a few days. By your math, it appears that you are within this "Romeo/Juliet" safe zone, but be certain. Your comments indicate that you may have long-term feelings and want to have a good relationship with her family. Consider taking your cue from that, and respect their wishes, and restrict yourself to school and family gatherings.

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Regardless of the legal answer, you are probably wise to move on. Romeo and Juliet is called a tragedy for a reason.

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