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Is it illegal for a 18 year old boy to date a 15 year old girl?

Rockford, IL |

my gf is 15 and i am 17 as of now, but my birthday is within the month. i really like her, and there will be no sex going on. Unless kissing is considered a sexual activity? I live in Illinois. Rockford to be exact. thank you

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I would advise you to speak with an attorney in your jurisdiction.

Gary L. Schlesinger

Gary L. Schlesinger


two of them answered before you did.


Age of consent in Illinois is 17

By Illinois statute, it is illegal to have sex with someone under the age of 18 if you are more than 5 years older than the minor.

Kissing is not sexual activity.....but....


Itis not illegal for an 18-year-old boy to date a 15-year-old girl. It is illegal for that boy to have sex with the 15-year-old girl, but you have indicated that there will be no sex. Hopefully the girl's parents are okay with this arrangement.


No, dating (including kissing-depending on what and how you kiss, if you get my drift) is not illegal. Nothing will change when you reach 18. There is no difference between your status at 17 and 18.
The older partner commits criminal sexual abuse [class 1 felony] if he or she commits an act of sexual penetration or sexual conduct with a victim who between 13 and 17 years of age and the accused was less than 5 years older than the victim. This charge is raised to aggravated criminal sexual abuse if the perpetrator is over five years older then the victim. There are no set close-in-age exemptions ["Romeo and Juliet laws"] to Illinois's age of consent. This means that anyone who engages in sexual activity with someone under the age of consent in Illinois is liable for prosecution, including people only a few years older than their sexual partner and even two individuals who are both under the age of consent.

If any of this is an issue for you see a criminal defense attorney.

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Dating doesn't violate any law. Be aware that no sex means just that. Each state defines sex in different ways. Kissing is not usually considered sex.

Be also aware that false allegations can be made.
Keep her parents' respect.
You might want to Google the term "jailbait."

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"Dating" is OK. Kissing body parts that would not normally be covered by clothing is OK, too. However, given that you are at least 17 years old (17 or 18 doesn't change anything), and less than 5 years separate you and the girl who has not reached her 17th birthday, you could be charged with criminal sexual abuse--a Class A misdemeanor--if you engage in "sexual conduct" as well as "sexual penetration." Be clear on the distinction and what constitutes each. There are many other "activities" other than penile-vaginal sex that could land you in jail and on the sex offender registry.

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