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Is it ileagel to smoke k2 on probation

Sebring, FL |

live in one county but on probation in annother

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Double check, but I believe that K2 is included in the type of synthtic drugs that have recently been outlawed in Florida and deemed controlled substances. If the active ingredients of K2 qualify under the new law, then yes, you would be violated your probation by smoking K2 because possession of a controlled substance is a violation of your probation. As to whether it would show up on a drug test, I am not sure.

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The answer above is a good answer, but consider the following: Assume you probation officer (assuming you are on probation) comes by your home and conducts a search and uncovers the K2. You are simply asking for trouble. She/he is likely to drug test you on the spot, and if that uncovers anything, you will be violated. Furthermore, when you are on probation, you are really at the mercy of the probation officer and police. For example, say the arrest you for having an intoxicating substance (violation of Condition 5 and 7)...even if you are able to convince your Judge that your possession of K2 was not knowing and willful violation, or that the possession of K2 does not violate your probation, you still are going to sit in the county jail for a few weeks. And depending on what County you are in (say Polk), your stay could be longer if the Judge decides to violate you and send you away for a while.

Sure, you could appeal, but is it worth the risk? Here is a suggestion. While on probation, don't do anything that can get you in trouble. Why risk getting arrested, even if you are right? The ole saying of "I fought the law, and the law won" truly applies here. Ditch the K2!

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Perry L. Cameron Jr.

Perry L. Cameron Jr.


I concur. Do no even put yourself in this position.


Yes. You can be violated. Why would you consider doing something that could possibly violate you? Obviously asking if it can cause a problem shows that you have some belief that it would, so you are smart enough not to do it in the first place.

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It is illegal to possess k-2 in Florida. By logical deduction, it is illegal to smoke k-2 in Florida. Regardless of whether you are on probation or not.

If you get caught red handed smoking the k-2, you would have a new law violation on your probation. If you were drug screened and it popped up, you would be violated for using illegal drugs while on probation.

Don't screw up while on probation, unless you want to go to jail.

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