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Is it fraud if I deposited 4 UNSIGNED travelers checks that I found in a storage unit that i purchased at an auction .

Melbourne, FL |

I bought a storage locker / Unit here in town at an auction . In there I found 4 Blank unsigned travelers checks worth Five hundred rollers each . I called American express , The bank were they were purchased through and they said they were not reported lost or stolen . so I deposited them . Since the previous owner forfeited the belongings am i entitled to the checks .

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You are probably protected because the storage center gains a statutory lien against the property contained in a storage unit.

    However, you will want to chat with an attorney in your state to see if the statute carves out any exceptions. I doubt it, travelers checks are basically a near cash equivalent, almost like finding a $100 bill on the street. The person to whom they were issued can have them cancelled and refunded.

  2. I agree that the traveler's checks are like cash and because you purchased the contents of the storage unit you are entitled to the contents.

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  3. Don't these take two signatures, one when they are purchased, and one when they are spent? How did you deposit them? Did you counter-sign them? Did the checks have any warranty language on them?

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