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Is it fair to a mother (not the father and child) if

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Is it fair to a mother (not the father and child) if she does not want to deal with US family court and give the American father legal rights under US law, she has to give birth outside the United States and prevent her child from visiting the United States before her 18 birthday? The child in question is a US citizen (she is also a Belgium citizen) and has the paperwork issued by the US State Department to prove this. The mother can return to the United States but not her child, is this fair, yes or no? The mother knows that as long as her daughter is in Belgium, US courts can not give the American father legal parental rights, and can not prevent her from taking her daughter back to Belgium. This would even be the case if she lives in the United States less than one mile from the child’s biological father. She lives in the United States because she can earn more money in the United States than in Belgium.

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  3. You must choose your partner wisely or you are screwed.

    Good luck.

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