Is it fair for an American father?

Is it fair for an American father? He got a British woman that is a naturalized US citizen pregnant, in the United States? She gave birth in the United Kingdom and got a UK court order that says that her daughter cannot leave British soil, before her 18 birthdays. This means that his US citizen daughter can’t visit the United States before her 18 birthdays. He filed a paternity suit against the British mother in Los Angeles court, before she was born.

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Richard Forrest Gould-Saltman

Richard Forrest Gould-Saltman

Child Custody Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

NOt enough information.

Did he get notice of the UK case, when it was filed? Did he participate in the UK parentage case? Did he bring a request to contest jurisdiction in the UK case, and inform the UK court of the pending Los Angeles case? Was the Losa Angeles case ever served on mom in the UK? International child custody jurisdiction is complicated stuff, there are strict rules and time-limits, and it's not a "do it yourself" project.

Sean Patrick Lewis

Sean Patrick Lewis

Family Law Attorney - Fresno, CA

Fair or not, I'm not sure whether you wanted/desired advice or guidance. Is there something someone here might be able to help with?

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Michael John Harrington

Michael John Harrington

Child Custody Lawyer - Murrieta, CA

Ultimately, dual citizenship and joint custody may be best.

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