Is it copyright infringement to use pictures of myself that I found online from google search?

Asked over 2 years ago - Los Angeles, CA

Want to print photos of myself that I found on the web and use them to market a 'for-profit' event. Not sure if I am committing copyright infringement. The pictures are of myself and I have no idea who the photographer is. Found them from doing a google image search.

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  1. Michael Charles Doland

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    Answered . The creator of the artistic product, the photograph, is the owner of the copyright, and use without permission would be copyright infringement. I appreciate the dilemma of not knowing the identity of the photographer in order to obtain consent or license to use.

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  2. Daniel Nathan Ballard

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    Answered . While it's normally true that the person who takes a photograph owns its copyright there are many, many situations [especially in Los Angeles] where the copyright is owned by:
    (1) the person's employer or
    (2) the company that owns the publication or website that bought the rights to the photograph [paparazzi typically sell all their rights].

    So if you want to copy and display a photograph of yourself you should first contact the publication where the photograph was published and ask whether they own [or just licensed] the rights to the photograph.

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  3. Clifford D. Hyra

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    Answered . Yes, it is copyright infringement. The copyrights belong to the photographer.

  4. Brian Coleman Kelly

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    Answered . Copyrights belong to the photog. If he acquired the photo illegally then sue him.

  5. Robert Scott Lawrence

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    Answered . In that case the answer is "maybe." As in "maybe you took them yourself and forgot" or "maybe I paid the wedding photographer but he gave me a license to use his photos," etcetera. You should be able to trace the photographs by clicking the Google image and going back to the web page it originated from, then conduct some research about the photo in the normal course -- email the owner of the website if no attribution is given. Find out who took the picture and ask permission to use it, or risk getting sued for copyright infringement.

  6. Mario Sergio Golab

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    Answered . As my colleagues stated the copyright belongs to the artist, the photographer.
    You are confusing right of privacy with copyright.

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