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Is it constitutional for a legal guardian to spank or beat an individual who has reached the state's age of majority?

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The Constitution isn't involved. The age of majority in Texas is 18. It isn't legal--as in it is illegal under the criminal codes--to beat anyone over or under age 18, unless in self-defense. Spank is a harder question for children under 18. Reasonable discipline is permitted--but nothing that would be called a beating would be reasonable. We are in a change of public opinion. In my day, my parents used corporal punishment and so did the schools. Today what we would have called normal is considered abuse. You definitely should not be leaving any marks or you can expect CPS to be involved regarding a child under 18. If you "beat" an adult you could expect the police to become involved if charges are pressed.

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I agree with Ms. Laster's response. To add to it - the age of majority in Texas is 18. But 17 year olds may be criminally responsible for their actions. You mentioned both beating and spanking. You did not mention the provocation and you did not mention the 18 year old's response. If someone beats an 18 year old, call the police, especially if there was physical injury. If someone beats anyone under age 18, call the police and CPS.
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It's not a constitutional issue. It might be criminal assault/battery, depending on the facts and intensity.

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The constitution does not apply when a private individual spanks another.

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