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Is it considered "going away from normal practice procedures" when a surgeon sews up a piece of sharp edged plastic inside me?

Tallahassee, FL |

I had major gyn/uro surgery and all symptoms returned within two months after plus approx one year and two days later, I had a piece of plastic with sharp pointed ends travel inside my body and out of my left vaginal wall, when it got down far enough I felt like a wasp stung me and I had to tug and pull to get it out but I did and I tried to get the drs to make sure I was ok, I guess I went it about disclosing it because neither of them would even help me and the urologist, yelled at me and my husband to "shut up" three times, could not show him piece or get one word out, He wrote a letter one week letter stating he would no longer be my urologist and no other urologist in that facility could either. I felt abandoned and scared. I have the piece and I have had infections and pain since.

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    When a foreign object is left inside your body by a doctor, it is malpractice.

    The answer does not create an attorney/client relationship and is for informational purposes only.

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  2. In Florida there are very specific things you have to prove to show malpractice, and another doctor has to say it is malpractice too. You need to consult with a plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about this. I'll tell you what I would tell anyone else in your situation: take care of your health first. If you don't have that, not much else matters. If those doctors won't treat you, then go find someone else who will. Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself safe and get te best medical care you can get.

    If you are considering a case, one of the things that needs to be determined is whether the object was "supposed" to be left there and just migrated - or if it was mistakenly left in your body during surgery. Legally, that's an important distinction. You may need either a new doctor, or a medical malpractice lawyer, to help you find that answer. Speak to a medical malpractice attorney in your area as soon as possible if you'd like to pursue a case. Good luck.

    New York Patient Safety & Medical Malpractice Attorney. Our top verdicts involve representing patients & their families who have been injured by medical negligence including wrongful death, brain damage, birth injuries, and failure to diagnose cancer cases.

  4. Something certainly SOUNDS like it "went wrong" to use lay terms, although without knowing more about your case it is difficult to tell whether or not the surgeon and/or a member of his or her surgical team deviated from the standard of care for reasonably situated medical providers in the community who practice within the same area of medical speciality which is at issue. This is the actual standard which defines medical negligence, often simply called medical malpractice.

    The object which you removed, or attempted to remove, could have been a device which your surgeon actually intended to implant and stabilize in a fixed position within your body, although without knowing more it is impossible to even speculate.

    Could you provide a bit more detail about the procedure for which your were scheduled and which was ultimately performed by your surgeon; whether he or she has advised you that other procedures had to be performed while they were carrying out the intended, previously scheduled procedure; and whether as of today you have had the foreign object removed by another surgeon (or anyone, for that matter). You should not have attempted to remove this object yourself. Period. Please do not ever do anything like that again. First of all, you place your own health at stake when you attempt anything of this nature. Second, and of much lesser concern, if and when you decide that you would like to attempt to pursue a cause for medical negligence and if it is determined that you have a meritorious case worth pursuing when all aspects of the case are considered (it is difficult emotionally; physically taxing; and will interfere with your life for some time - trust me, I have been doing this for 19 years and it can be very draining), your own attempts to remove the object may impede your ability to win at trial, or at the very minimum may lessen the percentage of liability attributed to any or all of the named Defendants and/or reduce your otherwise potentially recoverable damages completely or at least lessen them.

    AVVO can schedule telephone consultations with attorneys in Florida like myself who practice medical malpractice. You should try to speak with three or more of us through AVVO or on your own in order to determine with whom you feel the most comfortable.

    Please provide more information by replying to this comment with a further comment in reply (do not submit a new question or it may be difficult or impossible to line the two).

    All the best and my condolences for the issues with which you have been attempting to manage on your own.


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