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Is it acceptable for my divorce atty to make a "joke" about seeing me naked to my ex KNOWING my ex admitted sexual abuse?

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On 2 separate occasions a reference of "seeing someone nude" was brought up in my presence (the only woman in the room with my atty, my ex and his atty.) The 1st time it was a comment made to my ex and I with regards to us communicating. My atty said if my ex wants to see me naked, have crazy sex it in an email! If I want to know what color shoes my kids were wearing....Do it in an email!!!! My exes atty was the guilty party (leading me to believe I was being belittled and perhaps not taken seriously) He stated to the mediator as we were wrapping up mediation "so, Bruce, when am I going to see you naked again? Last time was in a towel blah blah blah" I walked out hurt and pissed thinking this is no way a mere coincidence. I have a recorded message confronting my atty

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This sounds like unprofessional behavior regardless of the sexual abuse issue. As counsel stated, you always have the option to get a different attorney.

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You should do some honest soul-searching about whether you can continue with this apparently insensitive lawyer. One the one hand, switching lawyers mid-stream can be costly and delay the proceedings. On the other hand, continuing with a lawyer you don't even trust could be worse. When you "called out" your lawyer for their behavior, were they defensive and argumentative, or apologetic? If they were insensitive to your complaints, probably time to start interviewing new lawyers. When you are interviewing new lawyers, I would kindly recommend you consult with a least three local-area Family Law specialists, and you may want to tell them about your bad experience with this lawyer (without naming the lawyer), to see how they react. I am truly sorry you are going through this experience, and I wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, Matt Catchick.



Thank you for replying. My heart told me to find new representation in the midst of it all. I had no retainer as my ex earned 90% of the household income, I earned 10% (I worked part time, raised the children and maintained the home...he traveled in and out of the country, weeks at a time for work) I was extremely distraught as nothing had went as we had anticipated. Or at least how he "thought" the court would rule. I was not at my best in my thinking & decision making. In looking back now one year later, I see how out of control I really was through the whole process. Partly due to his failure to represent me in the fashion I expected to be. He wouldn't bring the abuse up because as he put it "What good would it do for me to drag his name through the mud?" Whether my ex did/didn't violate me, it would be poor choice for me to pursue it as he may face jeopardizing his position at work, criminal record, etc. if that happened, what kind of spousal support would I receive? I was scared and felt more confused than ever, I trusted his professional opinion. I shouldn't have-but I did

J. Matthew Catchick Jr.

J. Matthew Catchick Jr.


Once again, I am truly sorry you had such a bad experience. Hopefully, you learned some painful lessons from this that you can use to help you in the future. All my best, Matt Catchick.


I believe such comments are inappropriate. But that doesn't really help you. I would confront the attorney and seriously think about switching counsel.


This is very unprofessional behavior. You should change counsel, as the others mentioned, and also contact your state bar association about filing a complaint. You are more than likely not the only client who has has received inappropriate comments.

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I am having no luck in the state of MI finding an attorney who is even willing to sit down and talk with me. It is discouraging. Can anyone advise or recommend one who will just listen?

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