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Is is possible for an insurance co to pay 6o% on the property damage and 100% on the property damage?

Phoenix, AZ |

this is a car accident i was involved. my attorney said the insurance co offered 60 per fault of car and 100 per for my injuries is this possble. i thought when they settled that it was 60 per for both

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It is somewhat unusual but certainly not impossible that an insurer would change its decision regarding allocation of fault from the property damage stage to the bodily injury stage of a claim. If the insurer is now offering 100% of your injury claim, you ought to try going back and getting the other 40% of your property damage claim (if you didn't sign a property damage release).

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This is possible. I know it doesn't make sense, but it can happen


You state you have an attorney, so this is best addressed by your attorney. The answers we give here are based on the few facts you provide. Your attorney will be in the best position to advise you because he/she knows all of the details. And advice is a large part of why you pay an attorney, so call your attorney.


It is possible, but a lawyer should be able to do a better job negotiating this.

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