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Is internet payday loans legal in the state of maryland. i heard i do not have to pay them back is this true?

Baltimore, MD |

i took out a pay day loan a few weeks ago with netpdl. they loaned me 200 dollars with a 55 dollar interest. check my account the next day and there was an extra 300 dollars in my account from two different lenders hydra iii and mass street group.i found out after i spent the money that it was illegal in my i have to pay them back? and is it true these loans are illegal in my state?

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The activity in your account is extremely suspicious. Search AVVO for Payday Loans and you will see a great many answers. Your best bet is to see a local attorney at once. $55 is a huge amount to pay for a $200 loan. If you promise to pay back a loan, usually you would expect to pay it back. See and attorney in Baltmore - soon before they bill you for the other money.

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Even though payday loans are suspect in maryland, that doesn't get you around the issue of "unjust enrichment". Just because the loan itself was illegal, you still don't get a windfall. Contact an attorney, and they will be able to work this out for you.

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