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Is emotional abuse illegal? A father putting bruises on a child illegal? And what can you do when cps made a unfounded report.

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When there was evidence. From St Mary's and the police department? And formally from his own mother. Her behind bruises were about 98% Not exaggerating at all. This time there was bruises from ear to ear on her forehead. They are letting him get away with abusing my child because of the abuse she got from my ex. seriously. I guess it's ok for him to abuse my child then? I don't think so. He is a very good talker/sale rep. and can BS anybody. He even said to me I fooled those stupid people (cps) and turned around and told them I said that. And they have been very bias since then. Unbelievable. Please help. He can take nothing and make it seem like it is this hugh problem. VERY FRUSTRATING

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Your help will come from hiring your very own family Attorney, not us giving general opinions here.


I agree that you need to retain a family law attorney immediately. If there is evidence of the bruises from the hospital, you need to obtain copies of the medical records. This sounds like a complex and urgent situation, so I would advise you to retain counsel as soon as posible.


I agree with my colleagues; you should hire a family law attorney. It is often difficult to prove that a child is being abused, especially emotionally abused. From what you are stating there is evidence of physical abuse that has been documented by a hospital and the police. I am not sure why CYS determined that the reports were unfounded. Besides finding a good family law attorney, you may be eligible for services from the Bucks County Network of Victim's Assistance ("NOVA"). Here is the web address for NOVA: If you contact them, they may be able to give you some assitance and guidance.

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