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Is email forwarding considered a violation of the CAN SPAM ACT?

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My domain registrar offers domain email forwarding, so I can set up a professional looking email address using my domain, which sends and receives email through my Gmail account. The CAN SPAM ACT says that your "from," "to," and "reply-to" information, including the originating domain name and email address, must be accurate. Wouldn't this mean that email forwarding from your domain to your Gmail account would cause you to be in violation of the ACT since the true email address (Gmail) would not be shown, and the recipient would only see your professional domain address? If this is a violation, why do most registrars offer this service?

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The accuracy requirement is about deliverability. If mail sent to your professional email address would also be delivered to you, you are in the clear. It is simply a different address to also reach you.

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Using a forwarding email to send and receive emails by iself is not a violation of the law; sneding unsolicited emails from either account is where the problem exists.

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