Is disorderly conduct a violation or a crime? Does disorderly conduct become sealed if you took a plea deal?

I was charged with recieving stolen property in Chesterfield, VA in 2009. My court appointed attorney advised me to take a plea bargain. The plea bargain was to lower my offesne to a misdemeanor. Which was disorderly Conduct. I also had to do a weekend in jail. I took the plea deal and did the weekend in jail. I have since graduated from college and have not gotten in any trobule since then nor had i ever been in trouble before then. I am applying for jobs now and I am coming across the difficult question have you ever beeen convicted of a crime. I have read that disorderly conduct is not a crime but a violation. Is that true? Also what exactly will show up on my record for all of this? Is this something that will truely hurt my future employment opportunities? I have held a steady job since I was 16 and I am now 24. I figured that should help some

Richmond, VA -

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Kenneth William Jacobson

Kenneth William Jacobson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chesapeake, VA

I'm not sure what kind of distinction you are trying to draw between a "crime" and a "violation." In Virginia, disorderly conduct is a first degree misdemeanor. If you were charged under Virginia Code section § 18.2-415 or under Chesterfield local ordinance Sec. 14-20, both qualify as first degree misdemeanors and both are considered criminal violations.

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