Is Craigslist allowed to allow listings of counterfeit goods?

Asked about 2 years ago - San Jose, CA

They're not doing anything about them.

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    Answered . The owner of the trademark, not the web site, is responsible for policing counterfeits. It is a complex area of law still being litigated (with different results) around the world.

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    Answered . Craigslist, as an internet service provider, is immune from liability unless it knows or has reason to know that goods are counterfeit.

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    Answered . Find a human, make oral and written demand that they de-list the goods. Craigslist doesn't need the hassle.

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    Answered . YES, unless they receive a proper DMCA take down notice. They are likely "not doing anything" [which probably means to you not removing a specific listing from among the millions posted on their site] because they have not received such a notice or because the actual people running Craigslist don't even know about the particular listing. Craigslist is largely automated, so "they" is likely a computer that has no way know of telling if something is real or counterfeit. It is up to the brand owner to police their brand. And, how do you even know what Craigslist is or isn't doing behind the scenes or on other fakes? My guess is they remove anything they are officially notified is counterfeit or illegal. If counterfeits are causing you trouble, see an Internet attorney, who will know how to properly notify them.

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